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As a normal 52 year old father of four I’m not a social media whiz nor am I a tech expert. I have learned how to use social media to improve my business and life and I can not wait to share that with you.

I’ve been a Realtor for 8 years and, as you can see from this page, I have been fairly successful at it. 4 years ago I started a Facebook Community Group, Scottsdale Living. It changed my life. My sales went from $3m to $5m per year to consistently being $15m to $20m per year. I met amazing people throughout my community and I built a raving network of supporters and business partners in the community.


As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in real estate, coaching and marketing. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur most of my life. After college I went into the United States Army, upon discharge I opened my first business. From there I have always worked for myself and been proud to do it.Through this class I wanted to share exactly how I did it and the good things, and bad things, that I learned along the way.

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Ready to get started? We have two options for you.  

Facebook Mastery Class

This 27 lesson class will take you step by step the process to build your own thriving community group. 

Mastermind Group

Our Facebook mastermind group is an amazing place to collaborate with like minded business owners as well as ask any questions you may have. You will also access to our twice per month live sessions with group experts.