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Are you struggling to get new clients for your business?

Find out how to build a community that will:

1. Bring you new business on a consistent basis.

2. Let you focus on your business rather than lead generation.

3. Establish your business as the expert in your community. 

4. Save you money on buying leads that do not convert. 

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Why are new leads not reaching out to you daily?

❌ STOP chasing people that do not need or want your services

❌  STOP cold calling

❌  STOP paying for advertising with less than a 1% conversion

❌ STOP wasting money on leads

❌  STOP having cost be a deciding factor in whether or not someone uses your business



✅  START building a community where the business comes to you

✅  START building a raving support group that uses word of mouth to bring your business to people that need you

My story and how I can help you...

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We know how hard it is to figure out the right way to attract more clients on a regular basis. 


We show you step by step how to get new clients reaching out to you on a consistent basis.


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We created over $105,000,000 in sales in 5 years.

Over $2,500,000 in gross profit in 5 years


My Facebook Group pages...


✅  Get over 600,000 unique views per month
✅  Have over 70,000 members
✅  Have over 98,000 interactions per month
✅  Add over 500 potential new clients per week 

Facebook Group Mastery


Facebook Group Mastery is about building a Facebook page for your community. 

We give you a step by step process to help establish you and your business as the recognized leaders.

By following this process you will build an amazing resource for your members as well as lifelong partnerships with other businesses in your community.

Providing value and becoming a go to resource in your area, you will attract the perfect clients.

No more cold calling, no more buying worthless leads, no more wasted advertising money. This course will change your business and your life.

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Most business owners want to work on their business and craft but end up spending 50% or more of their time trying to get new business.

Included in your membership:

When purchasing the Facebook Master Class and the Mastermind Membership:


  1. The Facebook Community Group Mastermind.  Collaborate with other like minded business owners. Get daily tips and tricks to build your community. Get access to our twice per month live seminars. 
  2. The Masterclass.  Our flagship offering. This 27 lesson class will take you step by step how to build your community and start getting new business right away.
  3. Expert Coaching. Twice per month we bring on subject matter experts that give you actionable items to increase your business immediately.
  4. Weekly Strategy Sessions. Join us weekly to create strategies to build your online community to increase your business.
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Facebook Group Mastery
For any small business that sells direct to the consumer…


The Best Program And Growth Opportunity That Exists Right Now For Small Business.


Erik Anderson Testimomial

Jessica Whiele

"Scottsdale Living is one that I keep coming back to because everybody seems to be very positive, supportive and most importantly, authentic."

I joined the Scottsdale Living group on facebook prior to moving here just so I could start learning a little more about this area and the networking environment. I officially came to my first meeting I think in probably June of 2022. The Scottsdale Living Business edition has helped me meet people that are like minded with the same ambitions. So not only are they great for business,but they're also great in my personal friendships.

So I've been to a lot of different networking groups out here and Scottsdale Living is one that I keep coming back to because everybody seems to be very positive, supportive and most importantly, authentic. I think if John came out with the course, there's probably no better person to come out with a course on how to grow a small business. I know he's taken Scott still living from one small idea to 60,000 members.


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Actual Testimonials from Group Members

These folks are all small business owners that have benefited from Scottsdale Living. 



What I hear from small business owners over and over

Actual Testimonials from Group Members

This is what you will build through this class


Erik Anderson Testimomial
Erik Anderson
"I was really thankful to meet the people that I have. I've actually created some pretty close friends here"

So I found out about Scottsdale Living. I had just moved up here from Tucson at the time and I was looking for a way to network with other people, and kind of learn what's going on around Scottsdale and so I joined Scottsdale Living. I didn't know anybody,so I've been in business for awhile but coming to Scottsdale it was kind of starting over again. So I wanted a way to network with people and get my name out there in a way that I had access to a lot of different people.

So I was really thankful to meet the people that I have. I've been a part of different networking groups and what I've noticed with Scottsdale Living is the connections I've made, have gone past the point business. I've actually created some pretty close friends here. The other groups from our business based, more referral based, very strict, very structured Scottsdale Living is a more open friendly kind of family environment that I'm really thankful for.

How This Works

The Facebook Group Mastery class takes you through the process from start to finish of building your community group to elevate your business. From actually creating the group to setting rules, building members, promoting your business, bringing on moderators and more.
  • We start with 7 modules of learning and each module will have approximately 3 lessons. The lessons are simple to follow and include written and video material. You will have access to one new module every week.
  • While you are learning in the online setting we will give you lesson plans for each lesson. This is the step by step work you put in to build the community group from the lessons we have taught you.
  • Simple and easy to follow instructions and guidance, done on your timeline.
  • You have immediate access to our online mastermind community where like minded business owners, and experts, share ideas on generating more business for you!

Along the way we will share tips and tricks with you and also all of the resources that we use in running our groups and engaging our members. Once you are done with the class the learning does not stop. You will have access to our mastermind group to share and learn from our experts as well as others in the community. The class is just the groundwork in building your business to be the recognized leader in your community.


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Hi, I'm John

I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn to use Facebook groups to build their business. 

I have had a successful real estate career for 10 years but my community groups have taken it to the next level.  

Living in Arizona and being able to spend more time with my wife and kids is priceless. Let me show you how this class and our mastermind community can help you achieve the same thing with your business.

John Doering
John Doering

Hi, I'm John

The man behind the class. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in real estate, coaching and marketing. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur most of my life. After college I went into the United States Army, upon release I opened my first business. From there I have always worked for myself and been proud to do it.

I’ve been a Realtor for 8 years and, as you can see from this page, I have been fairly successful at it. 4 years ago I started a Facebook Community Group, Scottsdale Living. It changed my life. My sales went from where it was to consistently being $15m to $20m per year. I met amazing people throughout my community and I built a raving network of supporters and business partners in the community.

Through this class I wanted to share exactly how I did it and the good things, and bad things, that I learned along the way. As a normal 52 year old father of four I’m not a social media whiz nor am I a tech expert. I have learned how to use social media to improve my business and life and I can not wait to share that with you.



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